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 Sjokis apply (Warlock)

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PostSubject: Sjokis apply (Warlock)   07.10.07 17:28

Your Character Name:

Your Race:

Your Class:

Your WoWArmory link:

Your Professions:
Enchanting (245)
Tailoring (109) XD

Your Talent Spec.:

Your Nationality:

Your Age:

Your RL Location/Time-zone?
Norway / GMT +1 hour

Average amounts of hours you play each week?
Dont know, like 100 hours or so ... online allmost 24/7

Detailed playschedule:
Start playing when i wake up, like 14.00 and then play to late on night! ^^

Are you attuned to the Black Temple and Hyjal Summit? (Add whats missing if you are not attuned)
Not attuned to Black Temple or Hyjal

Anything that can influence your playtimes?
Just, shcool. But that is just in the morning

Do you use any form of Messenger program? (MSN Messenger etc.)

do you have friends in The fallen that can vouch for you? (list name(s))

Why did you choose us?
Because i know that this guild is a guild who raid allot, and i need to raid some more

What do you expect from us?
Progress and nice ppl to raid with

What do you feel you can offer us as a member?
Acktive raider with like 700spell dmg & 19& crit

Have you had any previous guild affiliations, if yes, why did you leave them?
No, never have beend in a serious pve guild.

What is your previous PVE experience in World of Warcraft?
Played wow for like 1 year, realy like my class and downed just kara!
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PostSubject: Re: Sjokis apply (Warlock)   08.10.07 10:53

you better hurry and post a link to your armory befor any of the officers notice that it is missing Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Sjokis apply (Warlock)   08.10.07 14:13

Loyal wrote:
you better hurry and post a link to your armory befor any of the officers notice that it is missing Smile

Too late , I already did Wink hahah:D

Post it and we will check you up again
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PostSubject: Re: Sjokis apply (Warlock)   08.10.07 16:11

Sorry you need to work on your spell power and spell hit.
Make a new apply when you have 100+ spellhit and around 800 spelldmg
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PostSubject: hmm   08.10.07 21:19

Okey, ill get more spell dmg and hit ;>

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PostSubject: Re: Sjokis apply (Warlock)   

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Sjokis apply (Warlock)
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