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 Active Rogue

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PostSubject: Active Rogue   11.10.07 22:10

Ingame namn: Smookey
Class: Rogue
Ras: Troll

Orginal owner: ME
Irl name: Dennis
Age: 17
From: Sweden
sport work?: Fotball

Proffessions: Enchanting

what time in the week that u can play: Every days
Karazhan prequest done: yepp
Revered with?: lover city
Raiding in TBC: Karazan

Got Ventrilo 2.1.4 and a mic: yep:D

Profile Link [url=]:

Specc atm: PVE combat dagger 16/41/4

Old guilds?:Swedish one from another server
how did u hear of The Fallen: some 1 wroth in general
Got any friend in The Fallen: nop but soon:D

Why should u join The Fallen?:i will help the guild and i got Talents fore karazan .

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PostSubject: Re: Active Rogue   12.10.07 10:20

im not usre yet, i see you have lvl 60 experience and i like that becouse then you have improved your skills for a long time. BUT your gear and your reputations with heroic factions isnt the best....let me think about it
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PostSubject: Re: Active Rogue   12.10.07 12:07

i belive we are full on rogues but lets se what the officers decides
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PostSubject: Re: Active Rogue   

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Active Rogue
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